Hmmmmmm cake :)

I think picking your cake is one of the funnest things to look for at your wedding :). There are thousands of designs out there and thousands of people to make it for you. The one tip i would strongly recommend is tasting the cake before you order it. I know a lot of couples who have ordered there cake and on the day it wasn’t to nice. 

So here comes the fun part…….What sort of cake will you go for??? 



A funny one to show your guests your sense of humour?



A traditional wedding cake? 


Or if your going for a theme how about his lovely vintage wedding cake. 

I knew as soon as i seen it which one i was going to pick 🙂 





Again i wanted to include birds in my wedding cake 🙂 i love the two little birds and their crowns on the cake 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it turns out 😀 


The theme

I was going to post about ‘the dress’ next but beforehand i think its important to consider if your day has a theme. Do you want a traditional wedding? A huge white wedding? Simple and elegant? Vintage, Gothic or something out of this world?

There are hundreds of blogs and websites to give you ideas and inspiration.

Again i can’t tell you how much pinterest has helped me out on this.



I was going to go straight on to talk about ‘The Dress’ but Chris has informed me that I need to talk about this in more detail. (he is also telling me to improve my grammar but thats not one of my strong points)

So you’ve chosen your theme.

I think ours is kind of vintage inspired but also modern at the same time. If I’m honest I’m not really a girly girl most of the time. So this theme suits me perfect. I love big white weddings but I’m not to keen on being the centre of attention. Having a sort of vintage feel allows me to feel a bit more relaxed and its all about fun and family and creating memories.

For me the vintage theme also allowed me to be more creative and stick within a budget.


No matter what theme you are planning there are a number of ways that you can get creative but keep within your budget. I know it sounds a little silly and may not be to some peoples tastes but when it comes to dressing a venue car boots, store sales and charity shops can be your best friends. You can pick up vintage fabrics, old suitcases, cameras and quirky little bits that can really show your personality. I picked up an old vintage suitcase in a charity shop that i hope to turn in to our card holder for the wedding. There are loads of little tips that can help you create your own personal finishing touches to the day.

No matter what theme you choose there are money saving ways to keep it looking beautiful.

If you do need a little help finding blogs just let me know 🙂