Dedicated to my husband

First of all i would like to dedicate this post to my Husband Chris 🙂 

For giving me the most amazing day of my life.

Sadly on the day before our wedding we had to say goodbye to our little dog Ralphy. He had suffered for since a puppy with his heart and we had to make the tough decision after he had suffered heart failure. As i had mentioned in previous posts Ralphy was part of the family. I know only dog owners will know how much a part of your life and heart that you give to a dog and what a dog can give to you. He was the most amazing dog ever and no matter how many times you watch Marley and me it can never prepare you.



We had planned on the day before the wedding to decorate the venue. My wonderful husband, family and friends took it upon themselves to do it all as a surprise to me. I felt so blessed that even though everyone had so much to do that they worked until the venue closed to get it all finished!! 🙂 And i can tell you what amazing job they did. 

Chris’s Mum and friend Becky worked all day to get this arch perfect. 🙂 and it looked amazing!! 🙂 Me and Chris had wanted as much as we could at the wedding to be homemade. From the decorations to the place cards. Image


The place cards we had bought and with the help of Chris’s mum we decorated them. She made each individual bow and even stitched each individual little bead on to the roses.

As a little surprise to each guest i had bought postcards and written individual notes just letting them know how much they meant to us. 


As i keep getting more photographs from the amazing Photographers, friends and family i hope it will show you how amazing the day turned out to be :). 




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