What comes next……the guest list?

So you have booked the venue, found your dress, you man his his suit and you will have your big day captured by the best photographer in the world so what comes next.

You need to invite your friends and family. No matter if its a little intimate affair or a huge hollywood wedding its the guests that make your big day even more special. For me my guest list came easily. I have loads of amazing friends and family that have been so supportive to me and chris. 

Once you have your lists for the ceremony and venue you need to get your invites sorted. For my invites i wanted this to be the first idea that the guests get to what our wedding is going to be like. I wanted them to reflect mine and chris’s personality to. 

Luckily i have a wonderful friend John who designs custom wedding invites 🙂 



Since i was a little girl i have loved birds. One of the closest people in my life was my lovely Nan, Martha.



My nan passed away almost 2 years ago and i do miss her everyday. She was such a beautiful lady. When i was little she always used to feed her left over toast to the garden birds and tell me all about each type and which was her favourite. She was a huge lover of tea to. In memory of her i had a tattoo designed. 



My Nan was also really close to Chris and treated him like he was her own Grandson. So for our invites we wanted to choose something that included a bird theme. My lovely friend john designed the invite above 🙂 (if you do like his designs check out his Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/BeLiciousDesigns?fref=ts)

I have found some amazing invite designs and if you are on a budget there are loooooooooads of invite templates to design them yourself.  

Some of my favourites include:



Pretty poker dot and bows 



Very personal picture memories 🙂 


Vintage handkerchiefs 🙂 

If your not a keen designer you can pick up cheap and beautiful invites in card shops and supermarkets to 🙂 



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