Photography Inspiration – Christopher Ian


As i mentioned in the post before it is always good to look at different photographers style of imaging to see if you would like the same for your big day.

One of my fellow students from college is Christopher Ian who has been a freelance photographer for the past 4 years. Christopher has built up an amazing portfolio of images taken at a number of weddings across the UK. 


One factor that i would consider really important in a photographer is their attention to detail. Its all the little extras on your wedding day that are personal to you that you really want to capture. Even the most simple of situations can create stunning images. If this is the style of images that you want make sure you communicate with your photographer. Most will already know but make sure your on the same page. Don’t be scared to ask questions. Even make a list or a scrap book of images you would like. 



If you love vintage weddings i would suggest looking at his site. Not only will his work amaze you but also the different ideas the couples have came up with themselves. The wedding i have featured here has some truly beautiful ideas on how to dress an outdoor venue creating a classy, vintage and rural feel to their wedding day. 




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