The groom and his dudes


So just as important as THE DRESS (well……..) is the groomsmen suits. Some ladies will leave this up to her handsome groom and others will take charge as we all know what wonderful ideas our men can come up with. Some of my favourite ideas from my husband to be include an LED screen across the back of his jacket so the guests can text in messages (an excuse so our wonderful friend like TOM can text dirty words to him) and making his suit a wifi hot spot (yes girls and boys i didn’t really get that one either) and other ideas like a bluetooth spot too??

We also had a pimp suit and a crushed velvet suit……………..

Its fair to say that i picked the suit in the end. I would say do not let his groomsmen have any say either and most of their ideas i can’t even post on this……..

So moving on…..I picked a lovely classic suit with a prince edward jacket (i sound like i know what i am on about here but thats what the guy in the shop told me it was) with some cool pin striped grey and black trousers (not pants because this confuses people when i say pants).

Chris picked a lovely pair of checkered vans for his shoes for the evening. We always said when we were younger how when we got married he would be wearing a pair of checkered vans and i thought this is something we needed to stick with.

One amazing idea we had to treat our dads, best man and groomsmen was to buy them personalised cufflinks. To be honest we are all a bit geeky πŸ™‚ and science and music are as a family some of our favourite interest.

My husband to be loves Nasa so we picked a lovely pair of Nasa Cufflinks. I can’t really tell you what the others are as its a surprise for the day……… πŸ™‚

So tips for bride to be….Never let your husband to be pick…..unless you really trust him…..and even then i would strongly recommend it. This is just in my case though! πŸ˜€ your husband may not be as creatively minded as mine (if i can say that).

We have also mixed and matched the groomsmen suit to complement the bridesmaids and Me πŸ™‚

The dads and groomsmen are having their waistcoat colour to match the burgundy dresses and for my sexy groom to match my ivory dress. Its little touches like these i think can really show you have considered the personal touch.


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