So here it is girls……THE DRESS. (significant other please leave the room now)

So this can be the most fun or the most daunting aspect of the whole wedding experience. For me at first i was dreading this. I have said before i am not really a girly girly. I do love dressing up but i am most comfortable in a nice pair of skinny jeans and baggy huddie.

So as we have discussed earlier this can be a huge dint in your budget and if you are on a budget there are a many ways you can save money. It doesn’t matter if your dress costs £100 or £1000 aslong as you feel a million dollars in it who cares.



There are millions of wedding dresses out there for you to choose. For all shapes and sizes. Never worry that you won’t find one because you will and you will look beautiful.

So my first tip is to go straight in at the deep end and try stuff on. You may have a style you think you will love or you might not have a clue. I have found most wedding dress shops have lovely staff that will help you out if you are unsure. I didn’t think i would suit mine but i fell in love.

Even if visit 100 stores and try on 100 dresses it doesn’t really matter. You need to be sure that its the one for you.

Again if you are on a budget never forget there are other ways to get a beautiful dress that going to high street stores. The internet can be a perfect tool but be careful as you may end up ordering a dress that may be completely different when you get it. Also make sure the company except returns. The sizing may also be an issue make sure you are 100% happy before ordering.

I work in a charity shop and our shop sells bridal dresses. (to some people this may be completely out of their comfort zone) Charity shops not only have donated dresses but a lot of the high street companies donate dresses that are used for brides to be to try on or the dresses shown on cat walks. Never be put off by charity shops as you can often find a gem that will cost you less than £200 for a designer dress.

I met one customer who by chance had come in to store and found the dress she had hoped to buy herself from a high street shop for almost £1000 cheaper. This is a rare case but you get the point. SHOP AROUND.

You could also get a dress made or find a nice plain design and customise it. This is great if you or a friend know your way around a sewing machine.

It is never to early to start looking. I think i started just over a year before and I’m glad i did as it is a huge weight off you.

How i found my dress is by trying a couple on. There was only one where all my friends and family cried. That is the one i chose. You will know when you find it. (mine is a secret till i get married then i will post some pictures)


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