Starting your planning – The venue

There are a hundred ways to start planning your wedding and i know that every couple is different. One little bit of advice i would offer to begin with, is to sit down as a couple and first talk about how much you want to spend. Not all weddings have to cost thousands of pounds and its better to get the nitty and gritty out of the way so you can start to have fun planning your wedding.

Things to consider

Budget. How much do you want to spend, what you want to spend it on and what are the most important things to you as a couple that need to be included on your big day.

Things to include

The venue – this maybe a church and then a reception afterwards or an all day event in a building. Or even the understated registry office can be just as beautiful as a big church ceremony.

Within the venue you need to cost in not only the hire of the place but all the food and drinks packages that you want to include for your guests. (You need a rough guest list before you start booking out meals and drinks) I have found when looking around that some hotels offer amazing deals and packages that may suit people who feel that they want everything sorted under one roof. Some venues will even offer the dressing of the ceremony/reception rooms within the costs which is prefect if you feel that this could be a daunting task to take on yourself.

If your crazy like me and love to get involved you may consider hiring a public building (always check that the building is licensed to hold marriage ceremonies first. All countries have different laws).

I would suggest shopping around and seeing what you like best. Never feel like you have to yes after the viewing and always give it some tough consideration and arrange a second viewing when you have had time to think.

If your like us and the date is the most important thing then make sure you start planning early. Wedding venues can be snatched up and its really upsetting if the place you had set in your heart is given to someone else.

My wedding venue 


After looking around i came across the Blue Coat Chambers in Liverpool city centre (not to far from where we met) I am a photographer and chris is a a sound engineer and the Blue Coat Chambers work a lot within the art community and support a number of projects within Liverpool. As the Blue Coat is also a gallery i loved the idea of having a piece of my personality in the venue.

It it always worth considering checking out the not so main stream venues in your area as sometimes you may find a beautiful hidden gem on your own door step.

Chris – Another thing to consider about the venue is the timing. When do want your ceremony to start. What time do you want the day to finish. Some venues in residential areas may close earlier than others. This is something so small but can make a huge impact on the day.

For anyone in Liverpool reading this, heres a link to some of the venues me and Chris have looked at


I forgot to add before….

REGISTRAR- If you are getting married outside of a religious ceremony you nearly always need to organise your own registrar. You can find out more about this by looking on your local council website.


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