Almost 2 months and counting


I know that blogs about planning a wedding are meant to start when you first decide you want to get married but i honestly didn’t think about starting one until now. You might find this blog a little bit of a help when planning your own wedding and i hope i can help with a couple of ideas and money saving tips to help on your own big day.

A Little bit of a back story.

I met my lovely husband to be almost 10 years ago at the age of 15 🙂 We met where you could say all the alternative/rocker kids  (need a better definition) hung out in Liverpool. We met by pure accident. His first words to me ‘Does this guy look like he’s my brother’? i know very romantic. We met a couple of times until we decided to go on a date (a date at 15 i know sounds silly) we had planned to go the cinema but decided we would just hang out and talk all day. Then that evening we had been chatting on msn messenger (remember them days) and i asked him out :D. To this day he still goes on about how he was just about to ask me. This love story began the 4th May 2003.

Valentines day 2009, Chris proposed. He had asked me in the place that we first met. This couldn’t have been anymore romantic for me. 🙂

So here i am almost 2 months away from getting married. Everything is almost sorted and what a journey its been.


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