The groom

Would you let the guy who created this choose his own suit? The next thing he will suggest is for the ceremony to be read in klingon……..and for his suit to be the star trek uniform?


Photography Inspiration – Christopher Ian


As i mentioned in the post before it is always good to look at different photographers style of imaging to see if you would like the same for your big day.

One of my fellow students from college is Christopher Ian who has been a freelance photographer for the past 4 years. Christopher has built up an amazing portfolio of images taken at a number of weddings across the UK. 


One factor that i would consider really important in a photographer is their attention to detail. Its all the little extras on your wedding day that are personal to you that you really want to capture. Even the most simple of situations can create stunning images. If this is the style of images that you want make sure you communicate with your photographer. Most will already know but make sure your on the same page. Don’t be scared to ask questions. Even make a list or a scrap book of images you would like. 



If you love vintage weddings i would suggest looking at his site. Not only will his work amaze you but also the different ideas the couples have came up with themselves. The wedding i have featured here has some truly beautiful ideas on how to dress an outdoor venue creating a classy, vintage and rural feel to their wedding day. 







I must be one of the luckiest brides in the world (not just because of my husband to be) because i am a photographer and all of my best friends are to. I think my wedding guest party consists of at least 20 amazingly talented photographers. 

So tips for photographers……..

Do your research. Sometimes its good to ask around first. Ask friends and family to see if they have met any photographers who’s work really stands out. I suppose being a photographer has made me a little more cautious to what goes on in the business but 99% of the time you have nothing to worry about. 

So picking a photographer…..

the first thing to consider is price. It is never always the case that the most expensive photographers are the best. More so than not the more reasonably priced photographers can often be the best. Choose a style of photographing that you like. There a number of different ways to capture your big day and and choosing the one you like most is the most important thing. 

How long would you like the photographer to be there? From the start to finish or just to cover the ceremony. A lot of photographers will offer packages and may even offer a little bit of discount. Find a photographer who is happy to work around you and who you feel comfortable talking to. Communication is the key.

If you are on a budget and your a little worried that you can’t afford a photographer you can even contact your local college or university. This can be a cost effective way to ensure you capture your day. More so than not students in their final years of education are trained just as well as professionals. 

Always make sure that you and your photographers are insured incase anything goes wrong on the day. (99.9% nothing goes wrong) 

This has probably been the most serious post so far but don’t let it daunt you. Picking a wedding photographer should be really fun. 🙂 in the next few posts i will share some of my friends photography to give you an idea of the different styles of photographers out there. 🙂 

Any questions….Don’t be scared to ask 🙂 

The groom and his dudes


So just as important as THE DRESS (well……..) is the groomsmen suits. Some ladies will leave this up to her handsome groom and others will take charge as we all know what wonderful ideas our men can come up with. Some of my favourite ideas from my husband to be include an LED screen across the back of his jacket so the guests can text in messages (an excuse so our wonderful friend like TOM can text dirty words to him) and making his suit a wifi hot spot (yes girls and boys i didn’t really get that one either) and other ideas like a bluetooth spot too??

We also had a pimp suit and a crushed velvet suit……………..

Its fair to say that i picked the suit in the end. I would say do not let his groomsmen have any say either and most of their ideas i can’t even post on this……..

So moving on…..I picked a lovely classic suit with a prince edward jacket (i sound like i know what i am on about here but thats what the guy in the shop told me it was) with some cool pin striped grey and black trousers (not pants because this confuses people when i say pants).

Chris picked a lovely pair of checkered vans for his shoes for the evening. We always said when we were younger how when we got married he would be wearing a pair of checkered vans and i thought this is something we needed to stick with.

One amazing idea we had to treat our dads, best man and groomsmen was to buy them personalised cufflinks. To be honest we are all a bit geeky 🙂 and science and music are as a family some of our favourite interest.

My husband to be loves Nasa so we picked a lovely pair of Nasa Cufflinks. I can’t really tell you what the others are as its a surprise for the day……… 🙂

So tips for bride to be….Never let your husband to be pick…..unless you really trust him…..and even then i would strongly recommend it. This is just in my case though! 😀 your husband may not be as creatively minded as mine (if i can say that).

We have also mixed and matched the groomsmen suit to complement the bridesmaids and Me 🙂

The dads and groomsmen are having their waistcoat colour to match the burgundy dresses and for my sexy groom to match my ivory dress. Its little touches like these i think can really show you have considered the personal touch.



One of the hardest decisions i had to make was to choose my bridesmaids. There are so many amazing people in my life who i would have loved to have as a bridesmaid but depending on your budget you may not be able to ask everyone. There are a number of ways you can still include them in the ceremony. Two of my best friends are doing a reading in the ceremony which is really special to me.

I have 4 wonderful bridesmaids. 🙂 my lovely sister who is my maid of honour, Chris’s little sister and two of my wonderful friends.

So what to look for when you are looking for bridesmaid dresses………

So if you have chosen a theme it is always good to tie in the design and colour of the bridesmaid dresses.

Vintage bridesmaid dresses are a lovely example of how to mix and match colours. The picture above shows how lovely pastel colours can gel together and complement the brides dress.

I have chosen a more traditional style of dress for my bridesmaids.

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 23.03.07


I love the colour burgundy and as i wanted my main colour to be ivory i thought the two really complimented each other. I will show you later on in the blogs how i have mixed and matched the two colours.

Depending on what style and theme you are going for there are a number of places you can find dresses. I have even known couples who have found some amazing dresses in Primark and ASDA. You don’t always have to go to bridal shops outlet stores. A number of shops stock the same or similar dress so its always good to shop around.

The only thing i would suggest is pick a style that flatters all body shapes and sizes. The worst thing that i could think is having one of my bridesmaids feel uncomfortable with how they look on the day.



So here it is girls……THE DRESS. (significant other please leave the room now)

So this can be the most fun or the most daunting aspect of the whole wedding experience. For me at first i was dreading this. I have said before i am not really a girly girly. I do love dressing up but i am most comfortable in a nice pair of skinny jeans and baggy huddie.

So as we have discussed earlier this can be a huge dint in your budget and if you are on a budget there are a many ways you can save money. It doesn’t matter if your dress costs £100 or £1000 aslong as you feel a million dollars in it who cares.



There are millions of wedding dresses out there for you to choose. For all shapes and sizes. Never worry that you won’t find one because you will and you will look beautiful.

So my first tip is to go straight in at the deep end and try stuff on. You may have a style you think you will love or you might not have a clue. I have found most wedding dress shops have lovely staff that will help you out if you are unsure. I didn’t think i would suit mine but i fell in love.

Even if visit 100 stores and try on 100 dresses it doesn’t really matter. You need to be sure that its the one for you.

Again if you are on a budget never forget there are other ways to get a beautiful dress that going to high street stores. The internet can be a perfect tool but be careful as you may end up ordering a dress that may be completely different when you get it. Also make sure the company except returns. The sizing may also be an issue make sure you are 100% happy before ordering.

I work in a charity shop and our shop sells bridal dresses. (to some people this may be completely out of their comfort zone) Charity shops not only have donated dresses but a lot of the high street companies donate dresses that are used for brides to be to try on or the dresses shown on cat walks. Never be put off by charity shops as you can often find a gem that will cost you less than £200 for a designer dress.

I met one customer who by chance had come in to store and found the dress she had hoped to buy herself from a high street shop for almost £1000 cheaper. This is a rare case but you get the point. SHOP AROUND.

You could also get a dress made or find a nice plain design and customise it. This is great if you or a friend know your way around a sewing machine.

It is never to early to start looking. I think i started just over a year before and I’m glad i did as it is a huge weight off you.

How i found my dress is by trying a couple on. There was only one where all my friends and family cried. That is the one i chose. You will know when you find it. (mine is a secret till i get married then i will post some pictures)